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MONIA the band:


main vocals & songwriting


music, production & songwriting


MONIA‘s world

MONIA takes you on a journey like listening to your favourite radio station where you listen to many different songs and artists, but you stay tuned in because it's that special mix that makes the difference and keeps you attracted.

This is why MONIA won't fit into one music category only.

MONIA will always carry you on a beautiful journey with soul and passion and will even make you wanna dance like

having a night out in your favourite urban dance club.

MONIA brings you sensitive & beautiful songs carried by many styles of music from soul, r&b up to modern pulsating urban club sounds, so the forth coming album won't be some kind of an usual concept album following just one specific style or sound.

Latest Releases:

  1. 1.“Stop Stabbin‘ My Heart“ (single) 08/2012

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MONIA‘s world


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